School Fees and Payment

Please email the Admissions Office at for a list of current tuition, bus, and lunch fees.

Inquiries about making payments, invoices, fapiaos, or other finance questions can be directed to the Finance Office: at

Capital Fund Fee

The purpose of the Capital Fund Fee is to provide financial support for the school’s facilities and development programs, current and future. This may include the purchase of fixed assets such as computers, furniture, vehicles, and other items.

Discount Policy

Discounts will be given for full-term payments made on or before the due dates. An additional discount will be given if the full annual payment is completed on or before the first of October. Thus, a total discount is possible for students enrolled in the 5-year-olds class and above. However, if the first term payment is not received before the first term due date, but the entire year payment is made by 1 October, there is a maximum discount.

Organizations or parents are encouraged to donate the timely payment discounts. The school’s Advisory Board, with recommendations from the Director, will decide how these funds will be utilized.

NOTE: If the full payment is made by the required date, and the discount is not taken, the discount will automatically be allocated to use chosen by the Advisory Board with recommendations from the Director.


Payments may be made by RMB bank transfer, or cash.  Payment or arrangement for payment must be made on or before the due dates. Students will not be allowed in class if the financial matters have not been completed. In cases in which fees, or any other funds owed to the school, are delinquent, and the parent has not made arrangements for payment, student evaluations will be withheld until the fees are paid. Neither official school communications or records will be issued to the student or parent, nor sent to other schools when fee payments are not current.