Welcome to the Secondary Campus of the QSI International of Shenzhen

QSI Secondary School of Shenzhen offers a rigorous, English-language based, college-preparatory program, which provides students several options in fulfilling their graduation requirements. The Secondary program offers the Academic diploma, the Academic Diploma with Honors (which substitutes a number of AP, Advanced Placement courses for selected Academic courses) and the IB, International Baccalaureate Diploma, which begins in the Secondary III year.


Erin Burnett

Director of Instruction, Secondary


Admission to QSI Shenzhen’s Secondary School (Sec. I-IV)



For admission to grade levels Sec. I, II, III, and IV at QSI Shenzhen (high school), students must demonstrate a level of English language fluency that is necessary to be successful in the rigorous offerings of courses that lead to the completion of a QSI diploma. In addition to the NWEA MAP test taken during the admissions process (to assess Reading, English Language, and Mathematics), a student’s readiness for the secondary program will be assessed with a writing sample as well as through review of previous school records.  Part of the admissions process will include a discussion of the student’s potential graduation plan.  If a student is denied admission to QSI Shenzhen’s secondary program, they will be given a written explanation of the reason(s).  Students who are denied admission may re-apply after 6 months.

AP, the Advanced Placement Program  

The QSI Academic Diploma with Honors carries with it the same number of required course credits (240) as the QSI Academic Diploma, but indicates that the student has successfully completed at least two Advanced Placement (AP) college level courses sometime during his/her secondary experience. College level credit may be awarded to students who choose to pay for and sit for the AP course exam in May and score high enough on the exam.

IB, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme DP programme logo

The IB Diploma is a diploma that can also earn college level credit. If a student successfully completes all IB requirements and passes the spring exit exams at a high enough level, he/she may be awarded college credit for certain courses, called Higher Level IB courses. Students completing a full IB Diploma Programme of courses in their Sec. III and IV years can earn an IB Diploma in addition to their American-accredited QSI diploma.








QSI Shenzhen is a member of two separate conferences for Secondary level athletics (ages 14-18). The PRC (Pearl River Delta) Conference consists of a number of international schools in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. At the secondary level we compete in dual matches or scrimmages with these schools (as well as some schools in Hong Kong and Macau) and for most sports there is a one-day, end-of-season PRC Tournament. In 2011–12, QSI Shenzhen hosted the PRC High School Volleyball Tournament on October 15, 2011 and the PRC High School Soccer tournament on April 14, 2012.

QSI Shenzhen is also a member of ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools), and we compete in most sports in a three-day, end-of-season tournament against schools from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. QSI Shenzhen is an Orange Division school (essentially Division II schools by size). QSI Shenzhen hosted an ACAMIS Basketball tournament.

At the secondary level we offer the following sports seasons for both boys and girls: Badminton, Cross-Country Running, Golf, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball.


 Arts and Activities

undefinedExtracurricular Activities

ACAMIS Arts and Cultural Events (ACE) occur throughout China, and may be available to either or both secondary and middle school students, depending on the activity. ACE Events include such activities as Math Challenge, Model United Nations, Chess tournaments, Knowledge Bowl competitions, Dance & Music Festivals, Debate competitions, Cultural Conventions, etc. To learn more about ACE, contact our Secondary School Athletic Director.

Facility and Schedule Information

The Secondary Campus is located at Building B Fenghua Theater, No. 49 Gongyuan Rd. Shekou.


The building and surrounding campus includes 31 classrooms, including art studio, library, three computer labs, drama room, music room, five science labs—and a full-size, double gym, fitness room, full size track and soccer pitch. Along with a rooftop assembly area, a large common space on the second floor serves as locker room and cafeteria. The building has wireless service in most common areas and many classrooms. The library is open until 6:00 PM, Monday–Friday, and there is 24-hour security.

School Schedule

The Secondary follows an eight-course block schedule, with four 95 minutes classes alternating every other day, and all classes meeting on Fridays. There is a morning and afternoon break and a 45-minute lunch.

Classes begin promptly at 8:30 AM and end at 4:00 PM

Teachers and staff are available after school to provide academic support, and to sponsor extracurricular activities and athletics.

Faculty and Staff

Secondary Staff includes 30 full-time certified and experienced teachers, mostly from the United States and Canada. The school has a Director of Instruction, Academic Counselor, Librarian, Nurse, and three paraprofessionals.