Welcome to Admissions! 

We are so glad to have you here at QSI International School of Shenzhen.

QSI Shenzhen receives applications year round to accommodate for various school year patterns. We know you could be relocating to our city at any time of the year and we want to welcome your child to start school with us as soon as you arrive! 

Questions?  Visiting Shenzhen and want to see our school?   Please email admissions@shenzhen.qsi.org

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Campus Tours

To begin your future with QSI Shenzhen, you may contact us at any time for a tour of our campuses. We prefer for parents to book a tour in advance in order for the administration to prepare for your arrival. To book your tour, please call your campus of choice below.

Main Campus: 86-755-2667-6031(ages 8-13)

PLE Campus: 86-755-2688-2272 (ages 2-7)

Secondary Campus: 86-755-2680-6386 (ages 14-18)

For more information about our campuses, please see our campus pages under “Academics.”

Tuition and Fees

Please email shenzhen@qsi.org for the most current tuition information, including transportation and lunch program fees.

 Ready to Apply?  The Admissions Process At-A-Glance:

1. Complete the online application

2. Receive an Admissions Office appointment for document drop-off and testing; pay 2,100 rmb registration fee (non-refundable)

3. Receive an appointment to interview with the Director of Instruction of the campus you are applying to

4. Receive the result of the interview from the Director of Instruction

5. If an acceptance is offered, be prepared to pay a non-refundable deposit of 25,200 rmb within 10 working days to secure your space.

We do our best to make these steps go as quickly as possible, and to schedule tours, appointments and interviews at your convenience.

You may apply for admission to QSI Shenzhen at any time.  Begin by completing the online application: 

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Once you have these forms filled in, you will be contacted by email by the Admissions Office and asked to schedule an Admissions appointment. At this appointment, you must bring all required documents. Click here for Application Checklist. Failure to provide all required documents will delay your application.

Admissions appointments take place in the Admissions Office. One parent and the child(ren) must come to this appointment.

Admissions Testing

QSI uses the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) computerized adaptive test to provide placement data.

Students ages 5 and up will take the MAP entrance test evaluating the student’s knowledge in Reading, Mathematics, and Language Usage. All three tests are given in the English language.

Students ages 8 and older also complete a written essay.

Results from the MAP tests are one way, but not the only way, in which we determine student readiness and placement.

Placement in Grade Level/Class

A student’s placement in a grade level or class is decided upon by the Director of Instruction after the student has completed the admissions process. QSI places all students according to age and last grade completed; therefore the Admissions Office will file your application as stated. For secondary (high school-aged) students, both MAP results and previous school records are evaluated closely to determine placement in the secondary program. Secondary students (ages 14–18) must show English language proficiency at a high enough level to be successful in earning a high school diploma.

To enter the 5-year-olds class, a child will have completed 5 years of age no later than 1 November. This pattern is applied to the other classes throughout the school, but some exceptions do apply. An exception to this policy can be discussed with the Director of Instruction after completing the admissions process.

Please note: children who enroll from schools with an academic calendar different from August to June (for example, January to November) will be placed in the grade in which they are currently enrolled if enrolling at the beginning of the school year in August. Mid-year applicants will be enrolled in the grade which they have just completed. This pattern is applied to all classes throughout the school, but some exceptions do apply. An exception to this policy can be discussed with the Director of Instruction after completing admissions.

Admissions Office

QSI International School of Shenzhen

Phone: 86-755-2680-6392